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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Terracotta Da Vida, Baby!

Don't you know that I'll always kung fu?

Oh, wow... I can hear the groans from like 10,000 miles away!

Anyway, I was a total lazybones today, so I thought I'd just post this picture. It's actually the spare statues at the Great Wall at Juyongguan, where I went a little over a week ago. They are all lined up behind the gift shop, and I assume when the ones they have on the wall topple over and break - which they do - they come here for a replacement.

Other than that, I did laundry and dishes, bought some music online, watched a movie, and only left the apartment long enough to pick up a bag of chips.

One item of note - we had an honest-to-goodness thunderstorm in Beijing today. It's rained a few times, but this is the first true storm I've seen. Not much by Minnesota standards, but cool to see.

So that's all you're getting from me. Have a good one!