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Monday, June 11, 2007

A Trip to the Grocery Store

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG Wife In Beijing Countdown: T-Minus 5 Days! :D

Now back to your regularly scheduled twaddle.

Here are things I have purchased an eaten since getting to Beijing.

1.) Primary Flavor Milk Candy

Gotta say, the sentence intrigued me. What exactly IS a primary flavor? Whatever it is, it's delicious. They're like creamy Tootsie Rolls, but a little smaller and softer.

2.) Watermelon Soda

OK, see if you can wrap your tiny mind around THIS! It's SODA-- but it tastes like WATERMELON!

OK, that was pretty boring. But I like the packaging. It gives me seizures.

3.) Spicy Fried Chicken Flavored Bugles(R) Brand Snacks

This one was accidental. I had been surprised by a randomly-grabbed bag of Bugles before when it turned out to be yellow curry-flavored, so I deliberately looked for the bag whose color and layout said 'corn.' I opened the bag, ate one and -- what the HECK is THAT flavor?

Eventually I found the flavor written in English small on the back, and I guess now the picture in the lower right makes more sense. However, with retrospect, maybe I should be more worried that this packaging promotes last February's NBA All-Star Game.

4.) Bag of Meat

One of my coworkers urged me to try this. I think it's Korean. It was just a non-refrigerated bag with a semi-soft lump in it as far as I could tell - NOT the sort of thing I would choose on my own. But he insisted that it was tasty, safe and would spice up the instant noodles I eat once or twice a week.

You know what? He was right. Inside the bag was a vacuum-sealed pack, and inside that was a lump of quite flavorful roasted beef that I slice thin and stir into my noodles.

(Needless to say, refrigerate after opening.)