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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Laziest Man in Beijing

So how did I spend my last weekend in this vast, fascinating, exotic land to which I may or may not ever have the opportunity to return?

Well, on Saturday I did some laundry, listened to the Twins get shelled by the Angels, talked to Shannon, watched some movies and an episode of LOST, tried to salvage the music library on my crashed iPod (quite annoyed about that - thank you SO bloody much for your fickle software, Steve Jobs!) and otherwise managed to not leave the apartment, even for a minute.

Today I was a little better - went downstairs to buy some water, ran 4 miles on the treadmill in the workout room, and went out for Singaporean food with my two Singaporean friends. It was fantastic, for the record - kind of an Indian/Chinese fusion. Then we went to Frank's Place for a couple pints of Guinness, and now here I am.

No regrets for the lazy weekend, either. It felt good to relax, and frankly, if this one weekend was the make-or-break point of my three-month stint in China, I'd probably have squandered the trip already.

Two work days left. If I can avoid spilling scalding coffee on the managing director, I'll probably get to call this a success. Wish me luck!