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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The celebration continues...

Thanks to the International Date Line, it was still my birthday in Minnesota when I woke up this morning and received this picture from my wife:

So as you can see, my wife is handling my absence as well as I am. ;) (Just kidding, dear!)


So today I was asked to take on another weird little side project that I suspect no one else wanted, namely helping with a 'farewell' video for one of our clients here who is leaving China after running the business for almost a decade.

It's a little ill-defined, but basically it will be a slide show with music and a few video clips showcasing his time and accomplishments here. I guess I'm kind of coming up with a theme and structure for it, and may play a role in selecting the music, although the client is mandating the use of one particular song.

What song? I asked the account person in charge of the project.

It was a song she'd never heard of before. Something called "The Eye of the Tiger."

I can hardly wait to see the finished project.

I had to work late tonight. Someone called a general status meeting on one of the projects I've been involved with. At 7:00. But then delayed it until 7:30.