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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Coming Soon to a Cheap Softside Suitcase Full of Pirated DVDs Sitting on a Battered Folding Chair On The Packed Dirt by the Side of the Road Near You!

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about buying a copy of the movie Babel, during which I commented that my tastes normally run towards comedies and mindless big-budget action flicks.

Well, my dear friend Pat shortly thereafter was considerate/bored enough to whip up a cover design for the fictional movie I referenced:

Now how do I break it to Pat that it's already for sale on the street here for 32 cents a copy?


Well, after all that buildup yesterday, the Crazy Ad showdown was a bit anticlimactic. My boss gave the interactive team a brief chewing-out about following proper protocol, then I showed my idea, everyone bought off on it, a designer was assigned and I guess I'm done, unless the client comes back with changes. The good news (for me, at least) is that it's supposed to go live August 6, while I'm still here, so I hope to get a capture of my very first published Chinese ad!

Also, at 6:00 tonight, out of the blue I was told that the TV commercial I've been sitting on for weeks is a go, and the kickoff is in 2 minutes.

Most of the meeting was in Chinese, but I didn't need to speak the language to understand what my boss was shouting about when we got to the schedule: after waiting a month for approval of the brief, the schedule gave us 1 week to develop an integrated TV/print/outdoor/radio campaign that will launch in December.

I didn't get whether that was resolved, but even with an extension, I think things will be picking up. Which is good news.